Hair Coloring

Refresh Your Style With Hair Coloring and Blow Dry Services by Tokunai Hair.

There is no better feeling than looking in the mirror and enjoying what you see. To make the most out of our appearance, it can be beneficial to work with a hairstylist at Tokunai Hair Spa. Tokunai is a full-service hair coloring and styling salon based out of Cairns. Led by Senior Master Stylist and Makeup Artist Krystle, each client that heads to Tokunai Hair Spa can find the services that they need to live their best.

Key Services at Tokunai Hair Salon

Tokunai Hair Salon is a Schwarzkopf Professional Salon featuring a rapidly expanding menu of goods and services. Successfully found at ventures like Mercedes Fashion Week and Springs Fashion Australia, Tokunai Hair Salon has plenty to offer and the reputation to back up those promises.


  • Hair Styling — As Krystle blow drys your hair, enjoy an express treatment that culminates in styling your way. This offering features the 3-in-1 Sealing System which rebounds and protects your hair.

  • Olaplex Treatment — Repair and rebuild broken disulfide bonds through an Olaplex Full Treatment, exclusive for hairdressing professionals. This service is pivotal for repairing hair and preventing future damage.

Frequent customers can also enjoy the Tokunai Hair Customer Loyalty Program to save big on future services.

About Tokunai Hair

Tokunai Hair was established in 2008 by Krystle, the founder, and owner of Tokunai Hair Spa. A mother of two, Krystle has spent more than 20 years working in the hairdressing field while owning her own business for 13 years. Creative and driven by growth, Krystle adores the opportunity to bring new dimensions to year-round blondes while addressing the multidimensional complexity of her brunette clients.

Feeling better about your hair is as easy as sitting down for a consultation with Krystle. Whether you are looking for hair coloring services, simple blow drys with a cut, or something more niche, a consultation is just a phone call away.

Live better and embrace what makes you beautiful at Tokunai Hair.