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How Long Will My Appointment


Haircut and blow-dry 45min

Maintenance package 1.5hrs

Retouch package 2.5hrs

Ultimate 3.5hrs 

Hair and Makeup 1.5hrs

Do you use Olaplex?

Yes we do use Olaplex at our salon. Olaplex is included in all our colour packages at no additional charge. 

How Many sessions will my hair take

to achieve my desired colour?

Each client’s hair takes differently to colour so we can provide you with an estimate, however it may not be accurate. If you do not have any artificial dye in your hair then we can usually achieve your desired colour in the first session. However, if you have coloured your hair recently (in particular home dye’s) then we may need to cleanse your hair first to pull any strong colours. Alternatively if your hair is damaged then we may need to do 2 or 3 sessions of colour to maintain the integrity of your hair to prevent breakage.

Why are your prices packages?

All our Colours and chemical work are packaged this is so we can provide you with the ultimate colour goals whilst keeping within budget. We also believe that treatments and toners are a necessity, and instead of charging separately these are included. 

We recommend that you rebook with every appointment to avoid missing out on your preferred stylist. However we understand that schedules can change and we advise to book 2-3 weeks in advance. We do however have last minute cancellations for stylists so feel free to contact us via email or phone to double check and we can always add you to our cancellation lists.

Do you have a Cancellation Policy?

We value your Business and ask you to respect our cancelation policy. Please notify us at least 24hrs in advance for any cancellations. 

Is there a waiting list?

Can I come in for a 

consult first?

We advise any clients to come in for a consult first if they are having a colour correction, or are unsure what is achievable, have damaged hair, or are unsure what colour/style they want to achieve. There is no charge for consultations. 

Can you Gaurantee your


Yes absolutely! We guarantee all of our work and if you are not happy with your colour/cut then we have a 2x week redo policy for you to contact the salon so we can rectify the issue for you.

What sort of Shampoo and Conditioner should I be using

for my colour?

We can recommend a salon grade shampoo and conditioner suited for your colour/style/hair needs/budget. For clients with coloured hair we recommend using a colour specific shampoo and conditioner to maintain longevity with your colour and to prevent brassiness. It is also very important for highlighted hair to use a ‘blonde’ specific shampoo and conditioner. We also have conditioning treatments that can be used on a weekly basis to prevent brassiness and tonal changes. We recommend talking to your stylist about what brand/product will suit your colour needs.

Colour build up is any artificial dye that has been placed on your hair. Until that hair has completely grown out it is likely that it will remain on the hair and can affect the colour outcome. Some clients it will take up to a year to achieve a complete colour removal. When Lightening, your hair will go through various stages of colours, you may see red, orange, brassiness and copper. Once you have your first colour correction appointment we can usually give you a rough timeline for your colour in the future.

Do you offer hair extensions?

No we don’t. However we do install them. We recommend weft extensions which are sewn in to minimise damage to your hair. For more info please contact one of our stylists. (Recommended extensions: Zala clip-ins www.zalacliphairextensions.com.au)

Yes you need to confirm your appointment. We automatically send out a confirmation text 24hrs prior to your appointment as a friendly reminder. Unfortunately if appointments are not confirmed within 24 hours of the appointment then we will have to cancel the appointment as we have a waiting list.

Do I need to confirm my


What is Colour build up and

will it effect my outcome?