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Welcome to Tokunai Hair,

Where professionals are inspired, service is an obsession and clients become family...

Tokunai Hair is a Schwarzkopf Professional Salon. Make up by Georgio Armani and Fenty Beauty. Specialising in all aspects of Hair and Make Up, from Bridal to High End Fashion.

Tokunai hair is committed to a culture of creativity, growth, and mutual prosperity based on inspiring education, quality techniques, and teamwork. We hold ourselves accountable for exceeding our clients' high expectations and recognise every client as our ultimate focus.

Truly inspired by achieving the Tokunai Vision, the Tokunai team’s individual niches, dedication and unique personalities assists in the successful dynamic entity Tokunai Hair is today.

Tokunai Clients aka #tokunaifamily Describe the Salon as a sanctuary. When they cross the threshold of that Pink Door they leave the real world behind for an hour or two, and emerge a new, refreshed version of who they were when they arrived. 

The Tokunai Hair Brand is an ever-expanding Business that prides itself on its successful independent and joint ventures, and in allowing its expertise to reflect through all projects.

The #tokunafamily influence the Hair and Fashion Scene in Far North Queensland. With their event #becausefashion being a Sold out event year after year with more the 100x guests 2021 sold out in 3x days. #becausefashion has established itself on the cairns event calendar as the fashion event of the year showcasing local boutiques, guest designers and featuring First Nation designers and Sustainable salvos (Salvation Army Sustainable Clothing) This is an event not to miss... 

Directors Brisbane Mercedes Fashion Week

Directors Springsum Fashion Australia

Directors Because Fashion Australia



12x facts about me

1. I am 39.5yrs old 😩

2. My star sign is Gemini ♊️

3. I’ve been hairdressing for 21yrs

4. Also a qualified makeup artist 💄

5. Most of my child hood was spent in Papua new Guinea

6. I went to boarding school in Toowoomba

7. I am an overachiever

8. Addicted to F45

9. Love hair education

10. I hate reading

11. Biggest fear is crawling through a confined space and Not locking doors 12. Favourite foods - seafood🦞


Krystle is the founder of Tokunai Hair Spa. This mum of two believes you should do everything  with love or don't do it at all. She has been hairdressing for 21 years a business owner for 14 years   


Combining creative flair with outstanding organizational skills, Krystle Tokunai is recognized as much for her cutting edge hair salon as she is for her contribution to up-market fashion events in the region. Since establishing Tokunai Hair in 2008, this experienced hairdresser and savvy businesswoman has made a strong name for herself in the local industry. Now, together with her team of talented and creative professionals, the Tokunai name is destined to make its mark around the country.

Krystle has Styled fashion icons such as Camilla Frank (Camilla with Love), Lorna Jane, Mrs Maddi wright (House Rules) and

Toni Childs (singer/Songwriter)  and many more... 

Directed and Styled Mercedes Benz Brisbane Fashion Festival and Virgin Melbourne Fashion Week. 

But Her passion lies within the salon bringing stunning dimension to year-round blondes and instilling natural yet multidimensional complexity to brunettes. 





12x facts about me

11. New member of the 30 club ✌️

2. I’m a Leo baby 🦁

3. I'm Left Handed

4. Half Filipino/Scottish

5. Grew up in a mining town called Pannawonica, WA.

6. 10+ years retail experience

7. Apart of the Tokunai family since I was 15 years old 👶

8. When I was 6 years old my brother broke my arm and my parents didn’t believe me for a week.

9. I love savoury food 🥘

10. Go to drink is a spicy margarita 🍸

11. Obsessed with Harry Potter 🪄

12. Spend my weekends hiking, chasing waterfalls or at brunch.





Lauren is both a colourist and stylist. 

Her portfolio oozes creamy blondes, seamless colour melts and pastel toning. Lauren has a keen passion for all things hair.


Lauren is taking on new clients and would like to bring your #hairgoals to life.

  • Brisbane Fashion Festival 2021 / 2022

  • Dinner with Camilla By City Life Magazine Featuring Camilla Frank 2021

  • Because Fashion 2020 /2021 / 2022 

12x facts about me

1. I am 34 years old

2. I am a cancerian 🦀

3. I have been hairdressing for over 10 years

4. I’m a mum of 2 boys 👦🏻

5. I love training😊💪

6. My favourite colour is green

7. Im a IVF baby

8. I hate anything “textural” when eating food😂

9. Massive fear of spiders 🕷️

10. Favourite food is Thai

11. I love hairdressing

12. I love country music 🎵





Jo-el has a strong passion for bright blondes and creative colouring.

Jo-el's passion for the industry ensures she is up to date with key trends, always seeking new inspiration to further her knowledge.


Jo-el  is taking on new clients and would like to take you on your very own #hairjourney.

  • Brisbane Fashion Festival 2021 / 2022

  • Dinner with Camilla By City Life Magazine Featuring Camilla Frank 2021

  • Because Fashion 2020 /2021 / 2022 

2x facts about me


1. I am 37 years old. 👵

2. I’m an Aquarius ♒️ 

3. I have been hairdressing for 21 years 

4. I am the youngest of 3

5. I’ve met Tom Hanks & Steven Spielberg doing hair on a tv series 

6. I have 2 dogs 🐕 

7. I don’t have any tattoos 

8. My favourite meal of the day is breakfast 🍳 

9. Favourite colours are black and pink

10. I love all things hair and upskilling

11. I love hiking and camping 🥾 

12. Not a fan of anything that pretty much crawls 🙈




Grace has been involved with numerous in-house classes and training sessions, which have helped her build her experience and knowledge. She specialises in colour and has a passion for blondes and brunettes, as well as vivid brights and fashion colours. 

  • Because Fashion 2022/2023 

My 12 fact about me

1. Im 29 years old bring on 30 🎉

2. Im a leo 🦁♌️

3. Iv been hairdressing for 2 years

4. Iv been a makeup artist for 12 years

5. I have 3 kids 2 boys and 1 girl,

6. I grew up between cairns and rockhampton

7. I  absolutely love country music 😍

8. I love reading,❤️📖📚#booknerd

9. I love learning all things hair and how it is ever changing

10. I love camping ❤️

11. Creepy crawlies, bugs, spiders, scare the crap out of me.

12. Favourite foods- seafood and pasta



Issy is an Emerging Stylist and Colourist. She started her apprenticeship at  in 2020; started casually working in salons at the age of 14 and carried on throughout high school, pursuing her passion for hair and beauty. Issy currently specialises in treatments and blow-dries and has a passion for creating messy beach waves and classic smooth blow-dries.

  • Because Fashion 2023



12 facts about me

I was born the same year as destiny’s child broke up 😭

2. I am a Gemini ♊️

3. I have been hairdressing for 2 years

4. Cairns born and bred🍞

5. Massive fear of snakes 🐍

6. my nickname was dirt girl when I was younger cos I would always playing in the dirt

7. I have 1 older brother and 1 younger sister 👨‍👧‍👧

8. I love everything about hair!

9. favourite food - sushi 🍣

10. Lychee bubble tea is my kryptonite 🧋

11. I had a Dora haircut when I was little

12. Avatar/ na’vi people scare me 😂


Meet Jaz, She thrives off learning and gaining new and modern day skill sets, to help transform her clients hair, she is currently loving all things colour. 

Stylist @ Because Fashion 2023 



12 facts about me

1. I am a Taurus ♉️ 

2. Hairdressing for 3 years

3. I was born in Cairns 

4. Moved to Mt Isa When I was 6

5. Cat lover 🐱 

6. Love Camping and Fishing 🎣 

7. I was five weeks premi

8 Love pork adobo (Philippine cuisine) 

9. Love Travelling 🧭 

10. I love all things hair and up-skilling

11. I’m Scared of feet 🦶 

12.  I was born the year Facebook launched 


With a Dash of Boujee Glam, Kiki Loves blow-drying, 

(and gives a killer head massage)

Kiki will be assisting all Senior stylist with there colour work including toning and colour correcting. 

Stylist @ Because Fashion 2023 



12 facts about me

12 things about me 


1. I am a Pisces ♓️  

2. I am 16years old

3. I grew up in Nhulunbuy

4. Love going out for dinner 🍲 

5 I’m a middle child

6.Dream of seeing Adele in concert 

7.Love all things hair and beauty

8 Love all things family

9. Obsessed with the song “When I was your man”

10. Addicted to bubble tea🧋 

11. Would love to go to the Burning Man Festival 

12.  Love a good Beach day! 🌊 

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